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Title: Called Out in the Dark
Artist: Snow Patrol
Album: Fallen Empires
Played: 40 times

called out in the dark // snow patrol

Title: Big Black Car
Artist: Gregory Alan Isakov
Album: This Empty Northern Hemisphere
Played: 546 times

big black car // gregory alan isakov

Title: I Found a Body
Artist: Tan Vampires
Album: For Physical Fitness
Played: 88 times

i found a body // tan vampires

Title: Smokey Taboo
Artist: CocoRosie
Album: Grey Oceans
Played: 174 times

smokey taboo // cocorosie

Anonymous asked: Songs to give to girlfriends in mixtapes/burnt discs/whateves?

well for starters, a playlist of songs that are pertinent to you guys/your relationship (no matter how lame the songs are) is always more special so if you’ve got any of those definitely add ‘em in. but otherwise here’s a list of stuff ranging from more upbeat sweet tunes to slower more heartfelt ballads to stuff you’d get naked to (sorry if this list gets way too long, i never know when to stop):

eyes off you // bombay bicycle club

the end of all things // panic! at the disco

breaking the law // emeli sande

say // the damnwells

nude // radiohead

easy to love // ivan & alyosha

shelter // ray lamontagne

futile devices // sufjan stevens

snaggletooth // vance joy

she always takes it black // gregory alan isakov

im gonna be (500 miles) // sleeping at last

no other love // chuck prophet

in safe hands // badly drawn boy

dead sea // the lumineers

all i need // radiohead

giants // bear hands

stuck on the puzzle // alex turner

generator ^ first floor // freelance whales

heart of mine // the young veins

little dreamer // future islands

if you’re my girl, then I’m your man // papa

i found a body // tan vampires

theres loads more, i just can’t think off the top of my head right now. maybe i’ll do a more extensive playlist later.

ask  anon  dw 
Anonymous asked: I love your blog! It's perfect xx

woah, thank you!
(you’re perfect)

// dw

ask  anon  dw 
Anonymous asked: Thanks for putting all the music here dude👍

hey man thanks so much, there’s way more where that came from so stick around!

// dw

ask  anon  dw 
Title: Sideways Walking
Artist: Eastern Conference Champions
Album: Santa Fe
Played: 160 times

sideways walking // eastern conference champions

Title: Lovely Bloodflow
Artist: Baths
Album: Cerulean
Played: 68 times

lovely bloodflow // baths

Title: Indiana
Album: Indiana
Played: 75 times


ABADABAD // Indiana