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head over heels for hozier at the moment

ok so i started a back-up blog just in case this one gets deleted, you all know where to find me. (domesticwolfmusic) on there (and on here) i’ll post weekly playlists of songs (via 8tracks) that i’ve been listening to instead of posting individual tracks, hopefully that’ll stifle the infringement violations, but who knows

hornswithhalos asked: Thanks for sharing wonderful music. :)

no problem, thanks for listening! and i’ll try my best/hardest to make sure this blog doesn’t get deleted because that would suck so bad!

aww thank you! i really don’t want this blog (or any of my other blogs) gone either! and i have one disclaimer but I’m not even sure that would do anything at this point, because if one more person decides to send tumblr a notice claiming i’m infringing on the copyright policy then my whole account (all 6 blogs, and hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of posts) will be gone forever!

maybe i’ll post weekly playlists on here from 8tracks or something like that

so i got an email from tumblr about copyright infringement and how this is the final warning before they delete my whole account and i was wondering if you guys had any ideas/suggestions to get around the tumblr copyright policy that way i can still get music out to you guys. it’s not like i’m claiming these songs as my own or making a profit of this blog, i just do it for the love of music and to get great songs out there more…

Anonymous asked: I love your tattoo! =^-^=

aww thanks so much!

I think tumblr might end up deleting this blog.

Title: Sweet Lover
Artist: Justin Nozuka
Album: Sweet Lover
Played: 801 times

sweet lover // justin nozuka

this vinyl was made to be played on a floral record player!