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head over heels for hozier at the moment

hornswithhalos asked: Thanks for sharing wonderful music. :)

no problem, thanks for listening! and i’ll try my best/hardest to make sure this blog doesn’t get deleted because that would suck so bad!

maybe i’ll post weekly playlists on here from 8tracks or something like that

Anonymous asked: I love your tattoo! =^-^=

aww thanks so much!

I think tumblr might end up deleting this blog.

Title: Sweet Lover
Artist: Justin Nozuka
Album: Sweet Lover
Played: 949 times

sweet lover // justin nozuka

this vinyl was made to be played on a floral record player!

Title: Billie Holiday
Artist: Warpaint
Album: Exquisite Corpse
Played: 209 times

exquisite corpse // warpaint

Title: Take a Drink from My Hands
Artist: Hammock
Album: Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo
Played: 293 times

take a drink from my hands // hammock